Green Anime Girls!

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jana/hel, 20. they/them. lesbian n latina
i looooooove visual novels, frogs, and seokjin.
my fave series are higurashi, idolm@ster and lucky star.
dont follow if you ship real people, vague constantly or hate bts


my ultimate ult fave forever is kim seokjin
i also ult vivi (loona), rose (blackpink).
i like every bts, loona and twice member a lot, but i mostly talk abt my ults. i just love jin a lot ok


i love mion sonozaki so much. my ultimate fave character ever
i also love lambdadelta, rena ryuugu, miyo and amakusa (from wtc)
my idolm@ster faves are haruna, asahi, yuuki and shizuku. i love sachimayu

i love frogs.